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Bullsbrook Medical Centre is now offering Video Consultations to our patients

If you would like a Video Consultation with your GP please book online or call our reception staff on 9543 1800 to schedule the appointment.

If you have already booked a Video Consultation 

please enter the Virtual Waiting Room below:

The Video Consultation platform is a purpose-built for use in a health setting with features designed to make it a simple experience for patients and doctor, as well as enhance the clinical information that can be gathered during the consultation.

The experience for both the patient and doctor is designed to follow the process of attending a traditional appointment – patients check in to announce their arrival, wait in a virtual waiting room for the doctor and then the consultation begins when the clinician joins them.

The Video Consultation platform includes a multi-way video consulting capability, making it easy to include health specialists, translators, carers and family members who are in other locations.

Doctors, patients and other participants can access Video Call on any modern device and internet browser. It is a wholly secure environment which leaves no digital footprint from any participants. Telehealth Video consultations are not recorded (in the same way that face-to-face GP consultations are not recorded). 

Tips for your Video Consultation


  • Minimise background noise

  • Speak clearly, at normal voice volume

  • Switch mobile phones off or to silent mode before the consultation

  • Ensure good lighting in the room so that faces are clearly visible on the screen – avoid placing bright lights behind the people being viewed

  • Check the camera gaze angle in advance and adjust if necessary to allow eye contact between participants – this is important for effective communication between the patient and your doctor.

  • Avoid wearing brightly patterned or reflective clothing as this may affect the focus of the camera

  • Check the ability to move the camera to focus on certain items (such as skin lesions)

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